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Updated Promo...

There's a couple of additions to our FREEBIE range, specially picked with the engineer in mind. Whether it's something to nibble, or to dunk in your cuppa, or a simple tool to make your job easier, we want you to enjoy dealing with Greenmill! Take your pick of one of these when you order over £500...

The Magnetic Checklist Pad

You'll love this! A simple but effective idea - put one in the back of your van, on the office fridge, or wherever it will come in handy. Can be used for a materials list, a job list, etc. Spend £500 to get your free Magnetic Checklist Pad.

A Tube of Pringles

Once you POP, you can't STOP! There's Texas BBQ or Original flavour to choose from - a tasty change from biscuits! Spend £500 to get your free tube.

The Greenmill Tape Measure

The Greenmill measure is a rugged tape that's up for the toughest jobs! The bright orange makes it easy to spot on an install. Spend £500 to get your free tape.

A Tube of Delicious Greenmill Biscuits

Our delicious Greenmill biscuits now come in a range of flavours, from Choc Chip Oatie Flips to Clotted Cream Shortbread! Spend £500 to claim your free tube.

The STÖRNCH Kneeling Pad

A clever freebie to save wear and tear on your knees and just pop it on your dashboard to advertise your contact number, and maybe avoid a parking ticket! Spend £500 to get yours…


All you need to do to claim any one of these fantastic offers is to spend £500 with Greenmill.

Contact our team or order online now!

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