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Track & Trace is here for Greenmill deliveries

Track & Trace is here for Greenmill deliveries

Our team do love a bit of technology, especially when it adds even more to the Greenmill customer service experience. Which is why we have just introduced our very latest innovation, Delivery Track & Trace.

How does new Track & Trace work?

Greenmill was ahead of the curve when we introduced our delivery ETA text message service a few years ago. Now our new Track & Trace technology takes our delivery updates to a whole new level. Simply click the link on your delivery text, enter your destination postcode and see where your delivery van is, on the map, in real-time. Want an update of where your delivery is now? Just keep clicking the link to follow our driver's progress throughout the day.

Track and Trace

Try our new Track & Trace with your delivery. Place your order online now, or contact our team to discuss your requirements. And don't forget, spend £500 with Greenmill and you can choose one of our fantastic Summer freebies, including the Greenmill glass tankard, Wera bottle opener, stainless steel straws, wine gums and of course, everyone's favourite Choc Chip Cookies.

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