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The new Spring Promo500 is here

The new Spring Promo500 is here

Spring is in the air and we're all looking forward to some warmer weather (it's just not quite here yet). So whilst we're waiting, we've got some fantastic new Promo500 freebies that are perfect for any season. What will you choose?

It may be Spring, but a warming chocolatey beverage with biccies will still go down a treat. This 220g Friends Central Perk tin is the perfect gift for anyone that loves a hot chocolate & cookies combo (or is a fan of the show).

We bet there's not a single engineer out there that hasn't taken the skin off their knuckles whilst tightening nuts. The STÖRNCH Knuckle Saver helps you reach your nuts whilst keeping your knuckles intact. Available in M8 or M10 version, the T-Bar wrench gives you that little bit of extra reach, so you can tighten nuts quickly and safely.

This great little OX Polyzip 22mm 3/4” pipe cutter is perfect for precision cutting across a wide range of popular mains water and waste pipe. Quick, easy and comfortable to use, with no pipe deformation or swarf, this is a must-have bit of kit for every engineers toolbox.

If you like a cuppa, you'll love our Promo500 Big Mug. Firstly, it is absolutely massive. Secondly, it's a pretty cool mug. So if you're a big, cool engineer (or even a little cool engineer), get yourself a Big Mug.

All you need to do to select any one of our Promo500 freebies (or collect a 1000 point Greenmill Reward Voucher) is to spend £500 with Greenmill.

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