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New Warehouse - We have moved

New Warehouse - We have moved

We are very pleased to announce that our new Distribution Centre and Trade Collection Point is now open.

New address
Greenmill Supply Company Ltd,
Hammond Road, Elm Farm Industrial Estate, Bedford, MK41 0UD

The new centre is still in Bedford and less than 15 minutes up the road from our previous facility, so it's still really convenient for all our customer collections.

Our new Trade Collection Point is bigger and better, with loads more space to accommodate our ever increasing range and stockholdings. Plus there's an improved loading area which means you can get in, collect, load up your van and be back out on the road quicker and slicker.

Instructions on what to do when you arrive at the new collection point are available further down this email.

The really important bit...

If you've enjoyed making the most of your free Greenmill Meal Vouchers at the Sunbeam Cafe, you're in luck. You can still use your meal vouchers there until we suss out the best cafe near the new facility. Any suggestions, let us know.

A few instructions for when you arrive

STEP 1. Park in the designated Collection Trade Point parking area.

STEP 2. Let the team know you are here to collect at the door shown above (Collection waiting area will soon be furnished with a coffee machine and comfy seats).

STEP 3. The team will let you know when the goods are ready to load. You can make your way round to the loading bay shown as point 3 above.


New Head Office

We are also really excited to announce that we have finally moved into our new head office premises in Severalls, Colchester. Find out more here:

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