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NEW R-999 STÖRNCH Air Conditioning Spray!

NEW R-999 STÖRNCH Air Conditioning Spray!

The Greenmill development team is continually looking to identify innovative new products that make an engineer's job easier. And it doesn't get much easier than the new R-999 STÖRNCH Air Conditioning Spray!


STÖRNCH Air Conditioning Spray is the perfect on-the-job solution for your service and maintenance contracts. As soon as you turn off the AC, a few squirts of the spray rapidly reduces the ambient temperature, of even the largest rooms, to a comfortable 19°C. This means your customers stay cool, whilst you deliver a quality AC service at your own pace.


As an experienced engineer, you will already be aware of R-999, and its recent impact on the UK's AC industry. STÖRNCH Air Conditioning Spray is the latest application of this unique OLOF-stable refrigerant.*

STÖRNCH Air Conditioning Spray is available exclusively from Greenmill on April 31st. Contact our team to pre-order now and ensure you don't miss out.

*R-999 must never come into contact with wood, plastic, fabric or skin. It should be noted that R-999 is considered a hazardous substance, and is banned in mainland Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Swindon. Use of R-999 is permitted within the UK (excluding Swindon) under the terms of the LIPRA OLOF Treaty 2023

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