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Introducing GreenmillDesign - Sharing & Resources for Greenmill Customers

Introducing GreenmillDesign -  Sharing & Resources for Greenmill Customers

Are you so proud of your installs that you want to share pictures of all your best jobs? Do you want to use the latest install products, but could do with a bit of expert training? How about some free marketing resources to support your business?

Then welcome to GreenmillDesign.com

GreenmillDesign.com introduces an exciting range of support services and resources, created to further improve your Greenmill experience. It's all about helping our customers and their businesses, so why not head over to the new website now and see how GreenmilDesign.com can help you.

1. Sales & Marketing Resources

A range of white-label marketing campaign resource materials, designed to support your sales activities. Send us your company info and logo, and we will create your own branded version(s) for email or print-ready, all for free. Why? Because we're nice like that!


[ www.greenmilldesign.com/customer-resources ]

2. Virtual Training Academy

If you need to get up to speed on the very latest AC and ventilation install products and technology, why not book a session in our Virtual Training Academy? Our lead trainer, Simon Makin, delivers a series of one-to-one zoom-based training sessions from our dedicated training facility. Did we mention this was free as well?

[ www.greenmilldesign.com/virtual-training-academy ]

3 Video Portal

Even if you don't have the time for a one-to-one virtual training session, you can still catch up on all the latest AC and vent install products. Our Video Portal includes a wide range of product introduction and training videos, and yes they are delivered by Simon Makin. So if you were trying to avoid him you're out of luck!

[ www.greenmilldesign.com/videos ]

4. Customer Image Gallery

Don’t let all your hard work go unnoticed! Share some of your best install images with the Customer Gallery, and show everybody just how good you and your projects are. Any images included in the gallery give you a chance to win that week's free gift (yep more free stuff). Plus, we may include your pics in our social media posts and Lifeline eshots, giving your jobs even more exposure. It's a win-win-win!

[ www.greenmilldesign.com/customer-gallery ]

So what are you waiting for.
Head over to greenmilldesign.com now

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